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USWest Team Starting - get ready to kick some ass! Empty
PostSubject: USWest Team Starting - get ready to kick some ass! 

Two long time DOTA players starting a team.

Looking for positions mid, off, support.

Focusing on teamwork and team growth, going to play often as a 5 stack, want people with good attitude and decent skills.  We will likely be playing at least a couple matches each evening most nights of the week and want to work on improving our TEAM game.

A little about us..

I'm 26 my buddy is a bit older than I am
Sometimes I talk a lot, sometimes I'm too stoned
(We are both from Colorado) my buddy is living in the Philippines currently so we will only be playing on US west, (no east, sorry)

I play support mostly, and am about 3k.

My buddy plays Carry primarily and is around 4k

We have been playing since dota1 on and off but never really got into competitive scene.  We have been playing a lot lately and are growing tired of spending so many games where someone messes up the picking stage by hitting random as a last pick when we need a specific role or something like that.  

We play mostly for fun but could get serious if we found the right group of people.  The main things we are looking for in potential team members is a good attitude and a willingness to work together.  We will be trying to run specific lineups and work on drafting teams with a specific purpose, such as team fight, push, etc.

We are going to prioritize farm
[1] Safe lane carry [2] Mid [3] solo off [4/5] supports
A lot of the games we will play we will run a defensive tri-lane, but I would like to work on other setups with dual lanes, a dedicated jungler, or aggro tri every once in a while.
The point of making this team is to focus on getting better at a specific position, and improve with a small pool of select high impact heros. This means if you were to join the team every time you play (with us) you will be playing A LOT of the  same spot.  But I think it would be a good idea to switch it up every once in a while in some just for fun games that aren't taken as serious.

We are not looking for perfection, but we want you to have a good knowledge of the game and not be terrible.  Please be well versed in at least a few of the heroes that dominate the position you are applying for.  My win rate on carry and mid heroes for instance is pretty garbage, but when i support most of my supports are 55-60% win rate.  Let me know a few of the heroes you will be focusing on for the current meta if you decide to apply.

If you are of like mind, are able to communicate over VOIP, and interested in not only playing dota but also spending some time analyzing games for potential improvement please add me on steam.

Also, please drop me a message or a reply with some basic info about yourself and what you want out of a team, as well as how much time you are able and willing to spend on team practice and team matches.

and please fill this out

Steam profile:
dotabuff profile:
position you want to play:
favorite color;)

USWest Team Starting - get ready to kick some ass! E3ec53e456927d5d2adaee58fdf88d4d99fb50019a65f61cfc02616b74001c1e
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USWest Team Starting - get ready to kick some ass!

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