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PostSubject: Team recruitment (SEA server) 

I'm currently looking for team players for my new team Eastern Bunnies, we play in SEA server and looking for dedicated players.


Minimum mmr 1200k
age must be 16+.
interested only in long term and stable players only.
Wanting to improve your game and able to take criticism.
Very flexible schedule.
Calm and respectful to other gamers.
Must be able to follow orders.
Understand and play according to strategy.
Admit own mistakes and learn from it.
Must be able to play most of the heroes.
Skype and decent english.

I promise you to have a good gaming experience and enjoy every minute of your gameplay as a team.

And as we a new team we are currently looking for all roles and people who are flexible with all roles, people will only be picked after initial trial games!
E-mail :

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Team recruitment (SEA server)

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