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We are a UK based team named Vertility (This will most likely change) who wish to enter into the professional side of Dota 2 and compete in tournaments and possibly travel to LAN events. For this reason we would much prefer players based in the UK who are willing to commit their time and efforts to the team and form bonds as a friend and grow together as a team.

About Us
We are currently four good friends who are seeking a fifth player to play in the 3rd position for our team. Our team as it stands is
1. Scranner -
2. BlueDiabloXIII -
3. Vacant
4. Vasquea -
5/6. Perryooo -

As a team we have very outgoing personalities and are all very competitive. Like any team we like to joke and have a good laugh but we know when we need to be serious and do so. The youngest of our group is 18 and we range up to 20, due to us wanting to go to LAN tournaments we would prefer 18 and over but if you are under 18 and know you can attend these tournaments and travel abroad for these matches we won't rule you out as a player.
We as a team also have hopes of moving into a gaming house when it is financially suitable and all living together as a team so this is another must. We use teamspeak as our primary voice communication so this is a must if you wish to play with us as communication is key when playing dota. We have set training times which can be found here and a single day dedicated to reviewing our gameplay and setting team and personal goals for players.

We have competed in small tournaments but recently lost a friend due to the stress from the intensity level of amateur tournaments and the dedication required and this is the reason for us currently searching for a new player to join our roster and form strong bonds with.

What we expect from you
We expect you to be dedicated to this team as a whole. To go into the details of this we will have set times we will practice and we aim to practice 7 days a week, if you can’t make this commitment then this is not the team for you. We as a team have the drive and dedication to go professional and full well intend to. We will be competing in all possible weekly tournaments and intend to scrim upwards of 4 times a day when possible. If this sounds like the intensity and commitment level you are looking for in a team then we are for you. This post may come off as very harsh but we wish to find this player as fast as possible and waste as little of our and your time as possible as we intend to enter tournaments as soon as possible.

Our end goal
Our end goal as a team is simple, we want to be the best. We want to make a living from what we enjoy most and that is playing games and we hope to share that dream with one more person.

Contact and Information
If you want to contact us and are intrested in joining our team please contact the captain Perryooo to get the teamspeak information for a small interview and trails to play with us.
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UK Team Seeking #3

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