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[EU/US/Dota2] Clan Recruitment - Black Reapers Empty
PostSubject: [EU/US/Dota2] Clan Recruitment - Black Reapers 

Greetings All,

After countless horrific encounters with Russian/Brazilian/Mexican etc. teammates I've decided that I need to do something about this problem so I decided that I needed create a Clan. I'm not looking to go Competitive or do I plan to. I'd like an awesome group of people who feel the same way as me that are fun to play with and want to improve as a team. My availibility is during nights I play GMT (London) at very late hours around 12pm onwards so preferably with US players as that timezone fits with my playing hours but if you're available to play to play during those times by all means let me know.


- Minimal Rage

I understand when your team is performing badly and things start going wrong you're inevitably going to get angry but that is the whole point of this recruitment as opposed to random matchmaking, to play together, learn from our mistakes and improve upon them. If you start raging at the team, name calling, handing blame then you will not be welcome.

- Fluent English

I don't want to be prejudiced but it's a little hard to communicate with one another if you don't understand each other and if you're not fluent it's also pretty tough to make out so please ensure you are a fluent speaker.

- Communication

Teamspeak is probably the best option however if you don't wish to use a mic you can always type but a mic is prefered just typing ss could cost you a last hit. As for in-game communication try to work as a team if 2 or more people agree we need to b then we need to b. I just cannot stand those situations when the whole team calls b or care or ss and that one retard gets 1v5'd to death.

- Know your Role

This is in fairly straightforward. If you're a support you need to be buying those wards/courier and harrassing/pulling in lane. If you're the carry concentrate on getting your cores, initiator, jungler etc...

- Maturity

A softer a way of saying 16 years old or over but if you're older than that try not to act like a child xD

That's about it I guess the general gist of it is a team who are not too serious but not too casual. We try to improve as a whole, divide the roles efficiently, widen our hero knowledge and have fun. If you are interested hit me up on Steam on TakuyaXIII or pm me at TakuyaX@hotmail.co.uk
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[EU/US/Dota2] Clan Recruitment - Black Reapers

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