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PostSubject: EU - Clan Recruitment ! Looking for HS Members  


I have a scope on making a progressive Dota 2 team that provides a competitive environment. Hence people who are looking for a casual clan shouldn't consider to join this clan at all. This clan's core initial purpose is to play as many tournaments and leagues.

I am a 21 years old university student, so I have duties to fulfil as a student and at the same time manage this clan with my heart and soul. Therefore the practise timing will be fixed, the timing for the practise sections is going to be announced in the requirements area below on this post. If you are a member of the clan and cannot make it to a practise section or show up late, please; let me know in advance.

Okay, so the requisites to join this clan is going to be the following:

1) There is a short trial period for the potential clan member. Where the potential member will be told to play a captains mode game with me, in order to check their skill level.

2) Team members must control anger and maintain complete discipline in between of a match duration even if a member has committed a major mistake. Team has a develop a "seek for solutions, not the problem" mentality

3) No personal feelings if a member gets replaced due to under-performance.

4) The practise timings will be the following; (i) Monday:6 to 9/11 GMT + 1
(ii) Tuesday: 7 to 10/11 GMT + 1
(iii) Wednesday: 7 to 10/11 GMT + 1
(iv) Thursdays: from 7 to 10/11 GMT + 1

The practise timing can alter from time to time.

Punctuality is utterly important in this clan. If occasionally you cannot make it in one of these mentioned practise sessions or you're going to arrive late, you should pass the news to me in advance.
5) The player must be interactive and speak what is relevant in the game throughout game's duration.
For instance; If team-mate is getting tower dived by 3-4 heroes, and he calls it as soon as possible, people will be able TP react as soon as possible to save the save the team-mate. In this case communication is key and in many other situations as well where communication is important. Passing on unnecessary comments in the middle of a game or lack of team communication, either will not be accepted.

6) Must have a working microphone and know basic English.

7) Must have stable internet connection.

This team already has 2 members and it is seeking for 3 additional ones. The current roster is comprised of:

4th Role: 4Trophy

5th Role: Grimzo (me)

And the team is seeking for the following roles: > 1st role (carry)
> 2nd role (mid)
> 3rd role (off-laner)

The clan name and logo has already been created but for now it will not be mentioned in this website, once you join the clan you will be aware of it. The clan's core recruitment period will last until the Monday 16th of September, and on this date the clan will be completely functional, with a set roster and the practise sessions will begin as well from the mentioned date onwards (16th of september).

If you are interested, Please Add me on steam and We'll speak regarding the recruitment. My steam ID is:

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you have a nice day,
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EU - Clan Recruitment ! Looking for HS Members  Empty
PostSubject: Re: EU - Clan Recruitment ! Looking for HS Members  

Right, i'm technically interested. However, if I may ask what is the average level cap you guys seek?
Currently I'm lvl25, not such bigshoot player as many of the students know me.

But instead of subjecting your time to be wasted, would be awesome if you directly answer what is the level cap of the team.

P.S: Excuse me if my questions were previously answered in the thread from the moment of posting this.
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EU - Clan Recruitment ! Looking for HS Members

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