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PostSubject: [SWE] 2 players LF really High Skilled players 


We are a team of two looking for the last three really fucking High Skilled players. Played together since Riki had "Witch Doctor's" Ultimate. We have a huge background within E-sport but in other games then MOBA even though we have played a lot of tournaments over the years, nothing 100% serious though.

We are trying out support players at the moment so we are only looking for a mid and a carry. Keep in mind that we have not accepted a bunch of applicants since they haven't met the measures of our skill-cap.

I, Jajjamen, have placed good in a bunch of LAN tournaments in games like Q3, CS, Wc3. In highlvled turnament's as DreamHack, Dracotech, Rz, and so on. Even attended LAN qualifiers for ESWC, WCG etc. So we know how to push out the utter best out of our plays.

Jajjamen play as either offlaner or jungler. Don't think so much of my dotabuff, I play a lot, really a lot, with noobs and IRL friends but still manages to keep a semi good %. http://dotabuff.com/players/121654811

My brother, Askyl plays as supporter. He knows all the roles but he has mainly been focusing on supporting lately and he tends to be a really good one. http://dotabuff.com/players/44001240

We aren't locked in a box and we would love to try new stuff out, see if we can get new heroes in games instead of the normal ones even though we know that we have to counter certain heroes etc. It has been going great when we have done that so far.

We are 20+ and we feel like we have the time over to really focus on going somewhere with DotA 2, play some online tournaments and maybe travel to some top notch LAN tournaments if things goes as planned.

Both of us are studying and working a little from time to time so we got the time to focus a bit and play a lot.

And we hope you're the same. We have a great atmosphere since we known each other for almost all our life and we are easy to get to know so don't get scared Muhahaha-haha-haha...

You are 18+
You can play evenings most days of the week and attend tournaments at weekends from time to time, we do have a life outside of gaming as well Smile
People you play with should have asked you "How come you're not pro yet?"

Would be great if you're close to Gothenburg since we all live about one hour drive from there. Not the most important though.

You can contact me via mail, Sebastian.akerman11@gmail.com and I'll let you in on the details.

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PostSubject: Re: [SWE] 2 players LF really High Skilled players 

'People you play with should have asked you "How come you're not pro yet?"'
That's actually a sensible criterion. Best of luck!
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[SWE] 2 players LF really High Skilled players

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