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PostSubject: Swedish team LF two really High Skilled players 

We are a team of three. Two supporters and one offlaner. We have been trying to get a good enough team up and running for some time now but we haven't found the last few pieces of the puzzle.

Jajjamen(http://dotabuff.com/players/121654811). Started playing dota 2001-2002 something. Is a former mid player who changed to offlane since it was more of a fit for him. "I rather face 3 then 1". Has a quite large resume within esports. Attended LAN-qualifiers for ESWC(yes I put a knife through HeatoN^, haha), WCG and much more at events such as Dreamhack and Rendesvouz + a whole lot more. Placed good in a bunch of games, CS, Wc3, Quake.

Askyl(http://dotabuff.com/players/44001240). Plays as our 4th support. Played games with Jajjamen for over 15 years, brothers. Started playing dota 2001-2002 something. WoW-geek within the top tier of all time WoW-guilds.

Thudde(http://dotabuff.com/players/111472571). Our 5th support. A newcomer to the team. He is quite new to DotA2 but has a past in DotA1 with a pretty huge experience within the top tier leagues. One of the safest players around but has a way to always be around the action anyways.

We need a midder, someone to really make a difference. 100% confident that he can win every match up mid 1v1 and someone who really can make game changing plays. An impact player.

We also need a carry who doesn't make a single mistake until he can just carry us after our supports has done their part of "carrying the early game".

We love new strats and aren't afraid to test strange shit out. We have a bunch of things we want to try, have tried, that are really fucking great.

We are all in school(Högskola n' shit like that) but have our evenings off to really focus on gaming. Jajjamen is moving to USA later on(2 years) to study but would love to make a name for himself before he quits gaming for good.

You are 18+
You are Swedish
People ask you why you haven't gotten pro

Email me at Sebastian.akerman11@gmail.com
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Swedish team LF two really High Skilled players

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