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PostSubject: Looking for a High skilled Team to play with !!  

What I'm looking for:

- High skilled team.
- People from Europe and Asia
- Playing on European Asian servers.

General Information about me:

My name: Nahyan
- Country: Maldives
- DotA name: SkArKy
- Age: 17 (getting 18 in December)
- Former Teams : BM, CoF, DZ.
- Have been playing since: 2007.
- Microphone: Have a working microphone.
- Languages: Fluent English.
- Good Internet connection:
- Good PC (FPS 55-60 everything on high with 1920x1080 resolution)
- Good mouse & mouse pad.

About myself:

- How many hours I spend Every day playing practicing .
- Role: Support
- I'm aiming for high goals in my future.
- What I hope to find in my team: I hope i can find a team with high goals.
- I am available for tournaments, trips, LAN events.
- What can you expect from me: You can expect a mature, team and tactic player. Not a troll/flamer/rager. Not feeling depressed when losing a game, It gives me a motivation to train more. Always with high goals to play versus top 20 teams.


~ Steam:
~ Skype:xuru64
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Looking for a High skilled Team to play with !!

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