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PostSubject: [US] Looking For Clan 

Hi there

English lvl : 9/10
DotA Lvl : 8.5/10. Playing in Very High Bracket on US East servers.

DotA Buff :

steam account : chocapicwarrior

I can play any role. Favorites heroes are WR, Tide, VS, NS, Jakiro Axe, Veno, AM, Jugg, BH, Luna. Very eclectic.

Examples of nice games I played recently in Very High Bracket.


Very High experience in clanwar. Went throught a couple of divisions with a team. I have a very good map awareness and I am a very good drafter as well. I watch replays everyday and my knowledge of the metagame is really good.

I am available for playing almost everyday from 8-9pm till 12pm. Also on week ends.

Please PM me if you have any question, or add me on stean. I am looking for a fun team, but also very skilled. Don't want raging kids who have no idea what is a ward or the bracket lvl in Dota2.

Thanks for your reading.
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[US] Looking For Clan

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