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PostSubject: Looking for a dota 2 clan most prolly Indian clan. 

My name is Nish, i am from India ,Pune ..! been playing dota/dota2 over 7/1.5 years respectively...! From (0-10) i would rate myself (7) ..! Well i am pretty much a good solo and carry if u want me to be.. i can all heros depending on the situation..!

Fav. heroes:-
Invoker - Well i have been practising him pretty much lately and yeah am pretty good at it ..! mostly play Quas Wex built... but well got good control of the hero overall

Doom - Can play solo and dominate early as well as mid game..! played in a couple of cm matches lately..! was pretty effective for team.!

Well for support i can play any hero you ask for but my support hero is venge- been playing that hero for too long i guess..

Position in team -
Actually i am pretty much adaptive Razz
can play any role given to me as in any Smile

Expectations from Team :
Shudnt be too bossy -.-
Competitive matches playing against other quality teams/players
And most imp. Should comunicate well..!!

Teams expectations from me:
Diverse range of heros can be played by me
Competetive and Consistent.

Dota 2 stats -
Contact me -

Thank you Smile
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Looking for a dota 2 clan most prolly Indian clan.

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