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PostSubject: looking for a clan 

name on steam : Spoiler
role:carry and support
fav hero: pudge

i have been playing dota2 for 5 years now so can i join i clan plz

and say this when u add me on steam so i no its u :join my clan

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PostSubject: Re: looking for a clan 

wtf ? playng dota 2 for 5 years now? youre bearly 13 dota 2 hasnt even escaped the beta phase,and even if you reffer to the dota 1 its imposible,thats having fun not playng game if you did it at the age of 8 cause you just have fun you aren't supose,best said your brain isnt supposed to start learning complex game methods more like learning maths and other stuff at school .


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looking for a clan

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