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PostSubject: Looking for a decent group or "clan" 

I've been playing DOTA 2 for about two-three weeks now, and i'm just looking for a group or clan to play with that is serious about DOTA. I'm not exactly the best player in the whole world, but i know my stuff. I'm not exactly looking to go for tournaments either, well not yet at least. I'd prefer a type of hardcore group.

Heroes you enjoy: Sand king, Lina, Rubick, Slark, Enchantress. (Im pretty versatile when it comes to hero choice. I dont really enjoy extremely hard carries, such as Riki or Drow ranger.)
Lane you prefer: Just depends on what hero i am. Im not very picky when it comes to lanes.
Yes, i have a working microphone and i have Skype, teamspeak, and ventrillo, and i know how to use them all.

If you do plan on adding me on steam, give me a heads up on this topic so i can know not to decline it.
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Looking for a decent group or "clan"

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