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PostSubject: Versatile player looking for group / Clan 

Very versatile player looking for any clan. I can play any role, but I prefer support / initiator.

Favorite Stats : Intel / Strength

Range : Preferable Melee but can play ranged when needed.

Lane(s): Side, Safe Lane

Communication: I speak English perfectly and that is all. I have a working mic, and I can use Mumble, Skype, Ventrilo, Teamspeak, or even just in game voice.
I type when there is a lot of communication / bickering going on just so people can clearly understand the MIA's or any other calls.

Age: I don't know why this is important but I see on this website that people ask this a lot so I will just say that I am over the age of 18.

Servers / Timezone: I play on either the US East or US West servers mostly. I can play on the Europe servers, but that Is about as far as I can go.
I live on the East coast of the United States and I tried playing on SE Asia servers a few times and my ping reaches about 300. Not game breaking, but it is bothersome.

Skill level: I am sure this is the main core part of any application of any kind but it is hard for me to explain since there is no given brackets on DotA2 just yet.
(Yes I know there is some controversy on the subject, I heard there are trenches, high priority and etc but for now, for myself, I see no given proof.)
I have been playing DotA 1 roughly about five years, giver take some breaks here and there.

If you want more information about me or If you want me in your group / clan already, add me on Steam. Search for "Vixacious" and you shouldn't have a problem finding me.
If not, then post on here and I'll be glad to help.
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PostSubject: Re: Versatile player looking for group / Clan 

Glad to have you on board. Smile
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Versatile player looking for group / Clan

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