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PostSubject: Fortis-Gaming looking for Dota2 Team 

Fortis-Gaming has been around since September 2012. We are new and seems a short amount of time but we've progressed vastly. Looking to broaden our organisation by adding variety of games. Fortis has a the moment 4 teams, we have recently picked up a new sponsor which provides us with servers, comms, bncs and many more. We have SC2 players 1 being in Masters and the other being at top tier of Diamond at the moment, they will be competing in weekly tournaments and will be streaming daily. We have swedish TF2 team, they're competing in ETF2 Season 13 and so far they are unbeatable in their Division. Our latest addition is our LoL team who are 1500 elo and they plan to participate in cups and progress more.

If you're interested in applying for us, visit our website www.fortis-gaming.eu and make an application on the recruitment section, thanks.
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Fortis-Gaming looking for Dota2 Team

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