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PostSubject: Dota2 Team Recruiting 

hello, As the title says recruiting an epic team, a team with no limits.
looking forward to join tournements in the future.

Servers: Both EU servers, US east.
Looking for:
Mid laner / support / hard laner.

Our goal:
To achieve a renown and respectable team image filled with highly skilled players who actively participate in team match games, handing down a legacy to be remembered.

Required Qualifications:

- Available most of the time.
- Can skype.
- Be fluent in English.
- Be familiar with all the heroes.

What's expected from the players:

- Always act professionally and maintain a serious attitude.
- Always behave decently towards other players.
- Serve as an example for everybody else.

Only high skilled players contact me.

About me and my friend, we are playing dota for long time, 6-7 years at dota 1, and approximately 1-2 years of dota 2. won 3 tournements with my old team back at dota 1.

Add me @ Feedmebitch < steam account


we need 1 support 1 hardlaner, also MOST OF ALL FUN PEOPLE that we will enjoy playing with
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Dota2 Team Recruiting

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