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PostSubject: USA Team ' Devolution Gaming ' Tryouts 

We are holding tryouts for our team in the next few weeks to come. This team will be doing tournaments and leagues in the USA to begin with. Our primary goal is to go pro at some point, however, we need to start and aim our goals at winning a few semi pro tournaments.

Do you fit our team? First, are you able to listen and take direction with no questions asked(of course sometimes this may be negotiable)(rarely)? Second, can you bring to the team creativity with strategy? Third, are you dedicated enough to make most practices and let people know when you are unable to make them? Fourth, are you able to take a loss? And do you enjoy learning? If you answered yes to all of these questions, add me as a friend on steam on the name given below and we will give you a shot. No single spot on the team will ever be considered safe, so if you make it on the team, be sure to keep the spot. There is always someone who wants it more.

Currently we are recruiting 3 posts, Hard Carry, Initiater, and pure support.

Support position must be able to place wards properly and consistantly.

Hard Carry must know when to fight hard and when to back off.

Initiater must have the ability to know when to initiate. (sort of a given eh?)

All positions must be able to have a support initiater and carry they can play well.

If you are interested in trying out for the team for any of these positions please add me as a friend on steam at kezicf
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USA Team ' Devolution Gaming ' Tryouts

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