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PostSubject: Dota World Problems 

Hello, I'm IceFire with a announcement about these common problems such as
-Hate for bad players
-Teammates giving up
-Bad connection/disconnection
Many of these problems and others have simple answers that no one ever tries to solve except for the few out there who actually look for a way to fix them. There are many other problems out there but these are the four I am pointing out.

-Hate for bad players

Most of the time people complain about teammates feeding or being useless. The truth is not all players are the same. Your teammate might be new, or has a bad connection, but you never take the time to find out. Normally there is a reason why players are bad or good. Maybe it's because of region, connection, and hero. I have friends who only play select heroes which means I'm always playing all pick with them. Do I get tired of it? Sometimes, but a lot of times I end up having fun anyways, because I get some time with the people I enjoy being with. Actually, I could imagine one of my friend actually being an announcer, just because of his humor towards the game. If your teammates have bad connection then just deal with it. Use them as bait or protect them while they lag their way through. It's not like they can just buy a better computer or connection, it's just what they have. New players also face the hate. When I first played dota2 I didn't notice the tutorial and I jumped straight into a match as bane, not knowing anything. Luckily, I had teammates willing to help me improve to what I was a match later. Not everyone has the same startup to dota, and I've seen some people completely reject dota because of what their first match was like. It's not their fault they're new. Everyone was new at some point.

There are many stereotypes such as Russians are bad or Riki and Sniper are cheap. The truth is not everyone has the same approach to dota as others. For example, sniper is cheap is not true. First of all, there are many counters like earthshaker, Sven, Spectre, Windranger, or anyone with invis. Sniper is one of the weaker heroes of the game, so if you can get a few hits on him then you likely would win unless you're already way behind. Riki is slightly different, but if you keep him low by denying, harassing, and always having wards, Riki would be useless. My Riki score right now is 2-3 because people actually bother to keep me in check, instead of letting Riki go into the end game and complaining. There are also some heroes I rarely see anymore such as Drow Ranger. The truth is she's actually a lot harder than most people say she is, but every time she's picked I always hear some kind of criticism like "Pick a real hero" or "Drow you ____." Bloodseeker has been played a bit more recently so I'm not going to mention him very much, but it's the same story as Traxex.

-Teammates Giving Up.

I've seen in many games that people would just plain out leave and ruin the fun in the game because they lost. Why do they do that? I don't know. My guess is they can't take a loss. Same thing with GG spammers and campers. There are many ways out of this. If your whole team game up, then feed for a faster finish, or simply buy a whole bunch of wards or couriers and have fun. The best choice is to actually not give up and keep going even in the most dire times. No one has a perfect win record and say it proudly from their many games.

-Bad connection

I've seen a lot of people impatient about the disconnected, refusing to pause and wait. If the player doesn't abandon, they didn't truly leave. Even after they do abandon they might come back. Dota was made to be a 5v5 game, and the only time I've seen otherwise is in other modes like wraith night or the year beast. Why can't people just wait? If they don't have time, why'd they start a match? If something else came up, accept your fate and abandon, saving the disconnected from low priorities. They probably crashed, powered out, had their connection broken, or had to quickly do an errand. Even the afk normally have reasons. Maybe their parents needed them for something, or maybe their computer glitches when something happens. It's normally not their fault.

I know their are the few people who choose to go into the cruel side of the dota community, and that's their fault. Even so there may be a chance you can change at least one person, and maybe dota could be much more fun one day. Maybe.

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PostSubject: Re: Dota World Problems 

A really nice read altough a little to much wall of text and little small for people to actaully read but it is interestng nonetheless. +1 for you my dear user.

Altough i want to touch some part of it,it is true what you have said but this isn't all that is bad in our dota 2 community there are alot of other problems that haven't been touched in the post but i think people can relate to them or you can add them.

Also you could've said what is nice aobut our game also or ways to repair this problems,let's not forget we play dota cause it's fun so writing down some solving problems would be awesome so new people don't come here and see only the bad side of it.

Even so a good lecture .
Best regards
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Dota World Problems

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