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PostSubject: Dota 2 Legion | New Dota 2 Community 

Dota 2 Legion | New Dota 2 Community Banneradvertising

Dota 2 Legion
is a new Gaming Community just started this week!
We are looking for active members who want to become part of a Community and work together to make it even bigger.
We accept anyone and everyone to join the Community no matter your skill level. We are a new Dota 2 Gaming community and are looking forward to growing with all of your help! We want friendly and dedicated Members to join the community to have some fun while playing Dota 2 with friends.

We will be starting a Dota 2 Team in the near future and hope on playing in Tournaments and having matches against other teams. We already have the Team Name planned out and have members who wish to play on the team. Looking for more Members who will stay dedicated to the Community and Team.

At the moment, we have a Teamspeak 3 Server and a Private Minecraft Tekkit Server for our members.

We are still working on everything, we look forward to all your feedback and suggestions on anything you have to say. We will consider anything and everything you suggest as long as its reasonable and benefits the Community.

We will be doing Monthly giveaways for Dota 2 Items such as Mythical and Legendary Couriers, Custom Wards, Hero Sets, and many more!

Visit our Website and Forums @

To join us, just register on the forums and then click the 'Recruitment' Button at the top and fill out the Application. We'll get back to your Application within 24 hours if not sooner. ;)

Feel free to ask any questions or visit our forums.
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Dota 2 Legion | New Dota 2 Community

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