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PostSubject: Sinergy is recruiting! 

I am captain of a team called Sinergy. we are a new team and have never had tournament play but we understand how competitive dota works. we are recruiting a Solo Mid a support and an offlaner as well as extra players who can practice with the team and fill spots as needed. please add me on steam (just search my username and look for a pic of rubick reading the newspaper) if you are interested. We have signed up for Cevo Season 5 so we need someone who can be active in the evenings and is willing to practice daily or every other day. we are mostly all from the US East servers and use EST as our time. Speaking and understanding English is necessary and having a mic is preferred. Maturity is also a big part of playing on our team as we are not babysitters and don't plan on becoming babysitters.

thanks for taking the time to read this: if you have any questions feel free to add me.
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Sinergy is recruiting!

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