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Greetings dota2portal community.
I am currently recruiting dedicated , active and skilled enough dota2 players for a new team with high ambitions. Our goal is to gather a team of players, with the potentioal to be competitive and jump into big tournaments in the near future. We don't recruit any spesific roll and all who are interested and meet the criteria are welcome to contact me.
Before you add me make sure that :
-You are a dedicated dota2 player, with high ambitions.
-Have at least some middle level skill and you are comfortable enough with Dota2.
-You have the potential to successfully jump into a competitive level
-You can play at least 4-5 games with us in a daily base between 15.00/16.00 (GMT+2) until 23.00/24.00. If you are just a casual dota2 player thats not a team for you.
-You can follow simple orders but in the mean time have the ability to make your own impact that can , sometimes be a game changer.
-Your english are fluent ( or at least in a level that you can communitacte with others using voic communication).

If you meet all of the above criteria feel free to add me on skype: Eidikay .

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SP Team Recruiting

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