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PostSubject: [EU] offlane looking for team 

Ok I will try to be as short as possible.

I started to play DOTA 2, 2 years and a half ago, i played 4 years DOTA 1.

Team: Inseparatio (for 1 year and a half), MYM second team (5 months), From 0 to Hero (4 months).
About them: I had semi-competitive results with Inseparatio (won 8 starladder amateur cups and 2 semi-pro, 3'th place at playdota regular tournament, 4'th place at EuropeChallenge).
Awards: I won the best offlane hero award at playdota cup in 2012.

Top 3 heroes: Mirana, Lone Druid, Furion.
Very good with: Timbersaw, Clockwork, Windrunner, Darkseer, Bounty Hunter, Nyx
I used to know everything about the new meta game while i was playing some time ago.
I retired 5 months ago but i came back for a few weeks and I am ready do rock n roll again.
I can learn new heroes anytime. I usually practice 1 hero for 1 week, 6hours/day.

More about me
Age: 22
Country: Romania
Skype, Teamspeak: on
Matchmaking Rating: around 4k (i fluctuate from 4.4k to 3.5k) - (at one point i lost 680 mmr in 7 days)
Hours played: 1.5k in DOTA 2, over 4k in DOTA 1.
I usually play lobies and captains mode, not mmr so much.

What i want
I want a team that already have a roster of 4 people and all they need is me.
I can integrate anywhere so that will not be a problem.
I want a solid captain who speaks during game and tell the strategy based on picks
The supports must know micro and heroes like Chen, Enchantress
Carry must have more then 100 creeps in 10 minutes of free farm.

So if you want me feel free to contact me:
Steam profile:
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[EU] offlane looking for team

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