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PostSubject: Skilled Mid/Offlane player! 

My name is Alexandar ( Sasho), nickname: Paladinself. Im 16, but my birthday is 12.08 so im almost 17.
Im looking for a team willing to go competative. As the title says I play mid and offlane ( can play other positions but i excel at theese). I have about 4 years of dota expiriance. I've played for some minor teams as an offlaner, so I kinda have the mindset and some expiriance to play competative.
My favourite heroes for Mid: I love just about any hero wich can go H.A.M at lvl 6 and to just go arround the map get kills, push towers and make space for the carry to get his farm. My best heroes are Lanaya(TA), Magnus, Invoker, Storm Spirit, Tinker ( As you may see in my D2Buff profile i have 2 wins with him, weeeeeeeeeeeell i will just say TEAM), Windrunner, Dragon Knight, Puck and some more. As it goest to the offlane my all time favourite is Windrunner, right next to her sits Dark Seer, and Syllabear (kind off). Im very flexible as a player ( and as a human LOL) and can change arround my playstile and other things.
I can use Skype,TeamSpeak, Mumble and other communication proggrames.
I can speak fluent English.
I can play almost every day, as much as needed. ( Since im going to school im available from 2 pm ( I live in Bulgaria so GMT+2) untill 1 AM ( can go after it but i kinda need to sleep Very Happy) )
I have leadership qualities.
I can change up positions if needed.

Thank you for your time and if you want to give me a chance my steam is : Paladinself
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PostSubject: Re: Skilled Mid/Offlane player! 

Where are u form dude? I'm starting a team and would love it if u could play with me.
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Skilled Mid/Offlane player!

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