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PostSubject: Damage Incorporated Looking for members! 

Damage Incorporated Looking for members! Di88

Damage Incorporated is a multi-national, multi-gaming community with around 200 players playing games such as WoW, League of Legends, Planetside II, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Stronghold Kingdoms, and are now recruiting players for their venture into DotA 2. We're also open to spreading out to other games, depending on the general reception for that game. We're also allowing members to build their own ranked teams within our structure, and empowering players, and giving them the chance to show us their leadership attributes.

We're catering to all players, both casual and professional, and are hoping that when we gather enough members with the same goal, that we will one day in the near future start our journey in DotA 2 tournaments. With all training and skirmishes provided as challenges.

Damage Inc. contains their own Team Speak 3 and forums, a set track record of achievements and accomplishments, and a very family-like community with some of the nicest people you could find on Earth. Many members who join us for the games and find that the game isn't for them, typically stay around for the community, and if you consider joining us, you’ll experience that first-hand!

As of recently, we now have leadership positions open within our Division, and are now looking for ambitious players that are wishing to make a community contribution, and are willing to take on responsibilities and roles within the Division.

We would like to emphasise that we are aiming towards mature, aged 16+ players, and that maybe if you don't meet such requirements, maybe you could join us in a few years’ time.

For further information, please add the recruitment officer through Steam;


Q- Does my MMR  matter when joining the Team?
A- No , we're not pursuing to recruit only the best of the best, we welcome all types of players only if they're willing to learn and communicate with a high spirit and Patience.

Q - When will i start playing with the team?
A- After you get accepted in DI , you will be sorted into your respective region(s) Team, then you can play with your Team in a pre-scheduled days .

Q - Can i be in other Clan or Team while in DI?
A- No, we require your full allegiance to solely Damage Incorporated .

Q- Is being active on the forum really necessary?
A- Yes , absolutely , socializing with other members of DI is essential to ensure friendly atmosphere between each other , you will have huge selection of game platforms to chat about with other respective DI members , and its not as dull as it seems .

Q- Does the Team(s) join Tournaments and  go against other Teams?
A- Yes, we've been in a handful of matches against other teams and we're stepping into tournaments slowly .

Q- Do you guys do tournaments/events in DI?
A- Yes, We form Clan events each month, and everybody is welcome in them, for example, 1v1/2v2 and cross regions competitions with in-game item(s) prizes and forum badge awards.

Q- Why do i have to  log on Teamspeak whenever am online/ingame?
A- The reason we enforce this rule is to allow easy socializing and communication between members , You're free to mute your mic/sound while in TS if you're busy or simply can't talk, but its A must to be on Teamspeak whenever you're online, and as stated, you can mute yourself if you don't wish to be disturbed, we also have AFK/DND channels in our Teamspeak server .
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Damage Incorporated Looking for members!

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