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Recruiting 4 members going  competetive team Empty
PostSubject: Recruiting 4 members going competetive team 

HY am doing a brand new team for that i need 4 decent skilled ACTIVE members[4 game per day or more] i need eu or middle easy player

Introducing my self:
my name is alexander but known as Alzeow in allot of platforms
i am a highskilled mid player have knowledge of all meta etc
i use skyp and ts3
i am from lebanon

what i need
competetive EU or middle east player
1 hardcarry decent farmer and knowledge of all lane meta agresive offensive dfensvie etc
2 supporters 4th and 5th 1 lane supporter and need 1 ho have expirience at jungle hero enigma enchentress chen etc[rotaton gankes etc]
and finaly i need an experinced offlane player ho can play any offlaner Even offlaning lisfestealer if we need it
and all players ho will add me need to have ts3 or skype
know to talk english
u CAN contact me at:http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198081401778/[for discusse]

or type Alzeow at steam [for discusse] P.S[sry for my grammar ]
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Recruiting 4 members going competetive team

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