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[TEAM][EU][MS] Need 3 players for tryout of roles: Empty
PostSubject: [TEAM][EU][MS] Need 3 players for tryout of roles: 

Looking for mentioned players to do some tryouts with and eventually assign the missing roles.
Once that is done and players synergize both socially and skill-wise, the official creation of the team will proceed.
Depending on how well things go I'd be more than willing to move on to the competitive scene but for now It's few steps at a time.
At the moment our group has a fixed Hard Carry and a Mid player.

* You play to win
* You're always willing to learn and improve regardless of your skill level
* You're open to constructive criticism regardless of your skill level
* You're persistent and don't have a defeatist attitude
(includes raging and whining)
* You've moderate-high experience and understanding of the game
* You've a mic/mumble and can speak decent english
* You've a solid internet connection and play on optimal settings
* Age 17 or above

Times we play in
18:00~00:00 CET, 4-7 days a week

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[TEAM][EU][MS] Need 3 players for tryout of roles:

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