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Hi everybody
I wanted to tell you if there is the possibility that I could play Dota2, I have friends that have the game and tthey speak to me all day about the game...
My english is so bad (and you will see it xD).
To see the launch I had to stay awake until 4 a.m. I'm from Chile at that time the game was premiered here... It was so exited, so beautiful. A lot of websites are giving away invitations for players, I've done a million things and still nothing happens.. I've done the poll (dota2 official page), I've registered in many forums..
So I would like to know I have to do on this page to finally get an invitation, it would be so happy..
Take care =)
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Welcome to the portal.

And please... Don't include BEGGING for DOTA 2 KEYS in your INTRODUCTION..

Join EVENTS if you want to...
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Dota 2 key

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