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PostSubject: Something about me, for a start :) 

Hello, I've been playing DotA 2 ocasionaly for about a year now, I've been in D2P lobies before but due to real life obligations i had to take a break for several months now, but luckly that has changed and I am ready to step in activly again.

I'm mostly playing supports as I find last hitting and farming in general boring and too repetitive for my taste. nothing bets the feeling like suprising an enmy as tide, earth shake when jumping in with blink dagger and ultying, or simple makeing techies life a hororr as dazzle.

Feel free to refer to me as Sora, no need for draft its for formal occasions Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Something about me, for a start :) 

Welcome to the Portal!
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Something about me, for a start :)

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