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PostSubject: Looking for players to start a new (EU) team 

My name is Stan and I recently decided to start a new Dota team. I myself have played dota for many years now and feel like I've taken the most from pubs. I'm looking for some decent players who I can improve with. The goal ofcourse is to have fun and play some cw. I don't have a lot of expirience in cw but I'm sure there are a lot of you out there who want to take their skill to the next level. Practice time would probably be around 8pm GMT since I must attend to my real life (shame on me!). You don't need a lot of free time. We all have some stuff to do. You must be willing to talk, learn and have fun with your teammates.

- Age - atleast 17
- Skill lvl on a scale from 1 to 10 - atleast 6-7
- A few years of expirience in Dota or other moba games (like HoN for example)
- Have a working mic and be willing to talk
- Be able to take critisim and learn from your mistakes aswell as giving your teammates an advise instead of getting angry
- Have a sense of humour (Very important)
- Be serious - don't bail on your team after a few games.

- Age:
- Country:
- Skill lvl (in your opinion) :
- How much expirience you have in dota or any moba games.
- Roles you play well and most often (even better if it's just one)
- Steam ID (link from your steam profile not your steam name) :
- Timezone and when are you able to attend practice: for example mine is GMT+2
- Tell us something about yourself (optional)

You can also contact me on steam with that info - Warchief Stinky

Looking forward to meeting you!

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Looking for players to start a new (EU) team

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