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PostSubject: [EU] Clan BIO Recruiting MED/HIGH SKILL 

Hello everyone DotA² Players : )

Just before you go further: I'm NOT A PROPLAYER, I just love the game, watch and read a lot, practice even more. But I'm just a mid/high skiled player. Not a pro. All I want is a noobs free serious gaming.

I'm Forming a CLAN (literary, not just a 5 men team) to play DotA²
I'm Gathering MED/HIGH SKILL only from EU (I don't have problem with other country, just care about TIME ZONE/Activity) to play:
- CM Pubs
- InHouse (internal 5x5 lobby cm, that's why I wanna gather many players)
- ClanWars
and maybe.. one day:
- Competitive Matches with the best 5 ppl of the clan Smile

There are many reasons why I don't want just 4 ppl to play with:

- I (and you too I hope) have a life, I have to eat,sleep,train,freak,study,social and PLAY. I play 3-5 hrs a day, even 8 on holiday but I can't assure u I'll be online whenever u are.
- I can't choose 4 ppl based on just skill or knowledge, we have to play togheter many times, try setups, lean to teamplay, learn to be forgetfull and so much more.

You can join this Clan/Group/Community or whatever u wanna call it if u meet those requirements:

+ You are OPEN-MINDED and want to IMPROVE and OWN.
+ You have a good manual skill: Animation canceling, Multitasking, Microing, Macroing, Timing, Positioning, TEAMFIGHTING.
+ You have an EXEPTIONAL THEORY KNOWLEDGE: You can virtually play any random hero, with the correct SKILLBUILD/ITEMBUILD/ROLE.
+ You watch the PRODOTASCENE, Tournaments, Streamings, Commentaries... You can name the Na'Vi Roster in a sec Very Happy and you know who the fuck yells OMGBLACKHOOOOOOLEEEEEE XD
+ You execute whatever the TC wants to.
+ You must have a really good MAINROLE and also 1-2 siderole at least. Since we won't always play with the same ppl I can't assure you going solo mid everytime....
+ You Learn from the PROPLAYERS and your MISTAKES.

- Elitist Ego
- Casual, 4 Fun Gamer
- Flaming
- Blaming ManualSkill Mistakes (Everyone does sometimes. Even Dendi lost a game with a missclicked Dagger/Ulti and I believe u can too)
- "IAMPROSOIKILLUALL" Kamikaze style. IDC if u can get godlike mid in 10 mins. You can have an exeptional playstyle but I will fucking HATE YOU when u jump 1v4 to get a stupid kill or engage teamfights in badposition.
- Can't SPEAK ENGLISH. If u don't communicate or do what the TC says u r almost USELESS.

We are about 15 players already the aim is for more and more... 30?50? No problems at all Smile We are a BIG FAMILY Smile
We play almost everyday usually from GMT+1 18:00pm to 01:00am

If you are interested Contact me:

Steam: darkphobos91 (Phoby)
Skype: darkphobos91
DotA² PVT Channel: BIO

Happy Owning Very Happy

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[EU] Clan BIO Recruiting MED/HIGH SKILL

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