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PostSubject: Looking for clan! 

Hey d2Portal!

I am very tierd of playing with bad teams, against bad teams, leavers, flamers, instapicks and just the overall pub experience.

So I am now in search of a clan who is willing to play more competetive, learn more about dota and most importantly having fun while playing our favorite game!
Im just going to copy past my description from another clan entry (wich I think is dead :s)

Steam /Dota 2 name:~||ColourSpriter||~
Name you want to be called: Call me Cs It's easier ^^
How long have you been playing DotA: 3-4 years maybe?
Top three favorite heroes: 1: Sf 2/3 I cant decide, so I'll just list my fave's here: Storm, Ta, Necro, Jugg, Kunkka, Invoker, Wr, Sk, Es, Np and Bh
Why do you want to join this clan: No more scrub teams, fun, communication, make a couple of friends and learn more about Dota in general
Scale of 1-10, how good do you think you are consistently (5 as average): Hmmm, well, as a carry/nuker mage, I would say 6-7 maybe ^^
Any comments/Replay that you want to show me: Well, I guess I can send a replay of my last sf game, It went fairely well and It shows how I like to build and what playstyle I like to use.
Replay nr: 35492610

A bit about me as a person: Im Norwegian, 16 years old, Im not the best in english but it's useable, uhm..Im pretty much always positive, maybe a bit stubborn (:? I've played dota for 2-4 years (cant remember ^^) And i got around 130 wins in Dota 2!

Mvh Cs
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Looking for clan!

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