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PostSubject: [USA]Meep Merp! Looking to refill last member slot 

Good Day,

I've put together this team to compete competitively in the Dota2 scene (Currently have an average MMR of 2386). Started looking for recruits back in September of last year. Once completed, we started practicing and just recently started to sign up for some tournaments but unfortunately two of the members had to step down. As such, I'm looking to refill the two slots so we can get back on track as far as tournaments and practices go.

Long term goal is to make it to the grand finals of a big pot tournament, and bring home the big bucks (once we can build our skill and competitive exp of course). We do this not only for the money or to become the best though. First and foremost, we do this for the fun.

I'm bringing my data analyst background to the table. I believe that, with proper analysis, anything can be brought down to the basic building blocks and thoroughly understood. So I'm putting this thought process to Dota2. And from what I've found so far, given the right circumstances, victory seems pretty straight forward. My thought processes and strategies differ than the normal teams you might find. As such, my recruiting method may seem different as well. I'm not looking for a specific role (if anything, I prefer flexibility between roles). I don't care about high MMR, skill level, and/or Dota2 knowledge. What I'm looking for, and how I've filled the team slots thus far, are dedicated fun having people that can synergize with the rest of the team. Skill can be grown, this cannot.

If you are interested in trying out, please reach out to me by replying to this post.

For efficiency purposes, if you could fill out the questionnaire bellow and have it ready when added that would be great.

I look forward to hearing back from the community.

Thank you and have a great day!

Dota2 Name:

Actual Name:


Time Zone:

What time are you normally available in the day/week (in your own time zone):

What roles do your prefer to play:

How skilled would you consider yourself in Dota2 (Noob/Average/Above Average/Semi Pro/Pro):

Considering the qualities we are looking for (in order of importance) Dedication, Fun Having, Communication, Follow the Captian, Provide input/feedback; Do you think you have all that it takes to fit right in?

Do you foresee any problems following my lead, even if you might not understand it or think it humanly impossible?

If it turns out that you currently out skill one, a few, or the entire team, will you have the patience and understanding to have fun along our path until we get up to your skill level? And what if we never reach your skill level?

In the event you are needed for a Lan tournament. Do you foresee any issues with being able to make it?
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[USA]Meep Merp! Looking to refill last member slot

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