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Warrior nation (EU) (NA) looking for new players  Empty
PostSubject: Warrior nation (EU) (NA) looking for new players  

   Warrior nation (EU) (NA) looking for new players  Genericsig

Warrior nation is currently in the process of getting a new Dota 2 section started and are looking for new recruits to come in and fill our ranks. You do not have to be most skilled player as well to join, some of us including myself are new to Dota but have played many other MOBA games. we have our own mumble server as well to better communicate between each other in and out of game. We also will be holding special game nights every week for custom games and challenges. If any thing else you would like to know just ask.

come check us out at warriornation.net and just have a look around if you like and if you are interested in joining send me a PM to me on this website so we can talk some more.

we support plenty of other games as well if you want to play other games with steady groups.
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Warrior nation (EU) (NA) looking for new players

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