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Lightbringers ESPORTS LF D2 Team [EU,5k] Empty
PostSubject: Lightbringers ESPORTS LF D2 Team [EU,5k] 

Lightbringers ESPORTS LF D2 Team [EU,5k] YUxu9Pg

Hello D2 community,
we are currently looking for a dota 2 team to represent our newly formed esports organization Lightbringers. We are an european community with a starcraft 2, titanfall and LoL teams.

We promote competition in online tournaments and offline in the near future.
We are at the beginning of our organization, and at this moment we want to increase our team number.

What we want
We are looking for a competitive dota 2 team with past online tournament experience.
It must be an already established team from EU.
5k+ mmr required.

What we offer
website presentation, forums, ts3 server, stream overlays (if you have many viewers), logo (being made), shirts if you will participate in offline tournaments.
In the future financial support for traveling, but we need to see results in online tournaments first.

If you want to apply, email lightbringeresports@hotmail.com
website: lightbringers.eu

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Lightbringers ESPORTS LF D2 Team [EU,5k] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lightbringers ESPORTS LF D2 Team [EU,5k] 

Favourite Heroes: Wind Tyde Ns NyX viper phoenix Terrorblade
Least favourite Heroes: PL TA
Hours in DOTA 2: around 5000
Since when you play DOTA (1 or 2 does not mater): 2009
MMR solo*: 5700 main    4800 smurf
Country you are from: italy
Tournaments you have played (if you played): Pdc tour Ent cup and ICCCP

Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198053046894/   main
                 http://steamcommunity.com/id/flamestick/   smurf  

ADD them both plz

Are you free in the evenings? yes
Your strenghts as a dota 2 player: i have a nice map control and i know the game mechanism
Your weaknesses as a dota 2 player: sometimes i miss pull time stack
Why should we pick you?: I have a full knowlenge of the game , played whith some guys who are superstars now like IG_ferrari  ( he was  ferrari_430 only ) faced him many times whith 13 abyknight from MYM on allstars times  dota1, im really up for find a cool team for try the road of the pro scene, im listening and im trying to learn from my fails to keep better and improve every day,tryed many teams but till now im still search .

I hope to start a nice work togheter plz add me
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Lightbringers ESPORTS LF D2 Team [EU,5k]

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