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Yo guys ;3 Name's George.. So just a little talk about me xD
I'm a gamer since 2002 (born in 1998)  so the first games I played were Resident Evil 3  and GTA xD .. I'm playing Doto for 5 years already and I'm playing solo .. So my skill's pretty high as is my theoretical knowledge of Dota.. So I was just bored to play solo pubs (and sometimes RMM) and decided to join community :3 I like to help people in things so feel free to PM me about anything related to Dota's technical side or gameplay I will try to answer for sure Very Happy Aaand my goal here is to become recognizable person on this forum and I'll do my best to achieve that :3  GL HF ^^
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https://www.facebook.com/gravedamn http://steamcommunity.com/id/grvdmn/

Helloz ^^

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