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PostSubject: Zeus5 Gaming looking for D2 Manager! 

Zeus5 Gaming looking for D2 Manager! 5cg9xy

I'm the owner of Z5 Gaming, a multigaming organization formed in 2013. We are a social gaming community, aiming to create a fun and active environment with many players from different games from all over Europe.

We currently have a Starcraft 2, GTA V and The Crew branch (a CS:GO one is being worked on).
We have interest in opening a Dota 2 branch, but to do so we need a manager, a person who has experience in this game, not only regarding skill, but also related to the social aspect that the game has to offer. This means, being able to guarantee the members an active and fun experience within the clan.

We require that you:
have + 16 years,
have good english knowledge,
have a mic and ts3 so we can contact you there,
have the interest to create a social community in D2.

You will be given a 2 week trial to see how things go, after that, if you have been approved, you will become an admin on our website and on ts3, and you will be officially recognized as the Z5 Dota 2 Manager.
You will have the power to take decisions in the dota 2 branch. You will be provided with free artwork upon request for the clan. We also have a Z5 overlay for twitch streams.

Website: http://zeus5.enjin.com/
Email: zeus5gaming@hotmail.com
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/zeus5gaming

Hopefully we will hear from you soon and we can start working on Dota,

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Zeus5 Gaming looking for D2 Manager!

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