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PostSubject: EngageEsports Wants You! 

We are Engage Esports, a new up and coming multi-game esports franchise based in the EU, we have an extremely friendly and helpful group of players, graphics designers and managers who will always be there to help you or answer any questions. . Right now we are looking for players who are willing to grow and develop with us and eventually become a major powerhouse in the competitive scene.

Our Twitter: @Engage_esports
My personal Twitter:@Engage_temp
My personal steam:http://steamcommunit...561198054635527
Our Website:http://engageesports.esportsify.com/
We welcome players of any age or location.

To apply simply fill this form in a reply:
Steam Username:
Main Role:
Solo MMR:
Party MMR:
Top 3 Heroes:
Best Features:

Thank you for your time<3
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Name: Hugh Jass
Steam Username: Pornopandaa
Main Role: 5
Solo MMR:3k
Party MMR:3.5
Top 3 Heroes: Rubick / Dazzle / IO
Best Features: Theres like no way to do this other than to sound like an arrogant tit, but i have alot of gamesense from years of competitive experience. im a natural maincaller in any game i know about. sound strategy, warding, positioning etc.


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Ello, this sounds interesting so here's my info:
Name: Stan
Steam Username: Stinkyhat
Skype: stasko_opasni
Main Role: Support
Solo MMR: 3.7k
Party MMR: 3.9 - 4k I can't remember really
Top 3 Heroes: Earth Shaker, Enigma, Rubick
Best Features: Well... Good overall decision making, positioning, warding, I have a decent understanding of the game (draft, starts etc.) and some good experience in teamwork and leadership.
Hope to hear from you soon ^^
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EngageEsports Wants You!

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