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PostSubject: Clan wars 

Clan wars.
I am 20 Years old and play dota 1/2 since 4 Years .

You should know how to speak English in a decent level , I'm not a perfect English speaker but i know how to communicate .

I want to play TMM and ESL League (5v5) and later more .

My profile :

I am playing in the High-pool , which is not equal to be pro but who doesn't play in this level shall not add me please do not waste your and my time .

Your profile:
minimum 50 % win-rate ( this don't say much but under 50 % is ....)
Knowing the game ( ward / push / def / Trilanes / when to attack )
Roles : You can choose your Role if it is empty ( I can play all roles so actually all roles are empty )
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Clan wars

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