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Looking for a good team Empty
PostSubject: Looking for a good team 

Hello, my name is Andrew.
I am looking for a team that is willing to hit competitive, go over tournaments and practice a lot.
Information about me:
Country - Macedonia
Years of experience on Dota 1-2 - 4
Role - Ganker/Semi-carry, Mid lane (I can play carry too but I'm not as good as a carry as I am on the mid lane)
My age - 14 ( I'm not an immature noob,that you probably think I am )
My e-mail - ( but I'd prefer that you contact me via steam, cuz I rarely check my mail )
My steam profile -
Dota 2 solo MMR - 4408 ATM
Team Speak/Skype - Yes ( and a mic as well OFC)

If you are interested, add me on steam and we'll discuss Smile

On average I have 3-4 free hours per day to play dota 2.
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Looking for a good team

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