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Looking for decent carry player (EU) Empty
PostSubject: Looking for decent carry player (EU) 

What we're looking for is someone who plays carry and his/her MMR is at least around 4,5k
(please keep in mind that a carry's role is not just farming, everyone can last hit as a carry especially on safe lane)

-speak English
-be confident with most of the carries, i mean please be sure you DO play these heroes regularly
-be sure you can appear in the qualifying matches
-you have to be able to decide what items to get, for example playing a Luna you have to make the RIGHT CHOICE with how greedy you want to be with the midas/dominator or go instantly for BKB...

We're forming a new line up for an upcoming smaller league.
The league (HPL#6) has a ticket, participants will get it freely.

Qualifying January 31. – February 2.
Knockout stages February 7. – February 23.

The roster so far:
Mid solo: Vaikiss ( )
Support: L4l1k1r4ly ( )
Offlane / support: Szotyi3 ( )
Support / offlane : TBD (must be Hungarian)
Carry: TBD

Since the line up will be brand new, our goal will be to qualify ourselves into the league, but as knowing the other teams, it shouldn't be that much of a big deal. Secondary goal will be set after seeing our performance together.
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Looking for decent carry player (EU)

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