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Crowd Chaos recruiting! 18+, EU, English speaking. Empty
PostSubject: Crowd Chaos recruiting! 18+, EU, English speaking. 

Hey there. Crowd Chaos is a newly formed clan in Dota 2. I ran a small community of 40 actives in HON and decided to open the gates once again in Dota 2.

Currently we are a small group of buddies of around 10 players who play Dota, more if you count the ones playing some other shit. My aim is to create the same feel of community in Dota 2, to have someone to always group with and multiple inhouses going at once, for the fun and practice.

Competitive level - Medium.

Sure winning is awesome, but it's not our drive, neither do we participate in tournaments and the like. If someone desires this, then if there are others who are interested then never say never!

We are looking for laid back players, who just love playing Dota, at an average skill level and in need of a good group of friends to team up with.

That being said, our requirements;

-18+ Years of age.
- Mic and teamspeak
- Good fluent English
- Non-raging
- Laid back with a sense of humour
- From the EU (Americans are fine too, if you are East coast, just bare in mind we play on EU-west.

If this sounds interesting then checkout http://crowdchaos.enjin.com/ and apply.
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Crowd Chaos recruiting! 18+, EU, English speaking.

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