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I've been playing for a couple of years now and want to transition away from pubs and into a clan.

I have a mic and TS/Skype.
I play any role, with almost no preference, although carry's are my least favorite.
My timezone is Pacific.
I play in the US servers.

I'm looking to get a clan by summer, where my schedule will free up more. Not that I can't play now, just that I can do more then.

My current dotabuff isn't exactly impressive, with a 47.64% win rate, but I think that I could play a lot better with a proper team.

Contact me here, on steam, or on skype IM if you think I would be helpful in your clan.
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Hi I am icefiremagi and I am also looking for a clan. If you find me on steam I'll give you my Skype and such. Maybe we can find more people and make one together
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Hello Steventheslayer

I'd like to invite you over to come be a part of The Chaos Vanguard and hope that you will consider joining.

We're a multi-gaming community with people from all over the world. We have friendly, active players who are eager to improve, create teams and enjoy casual games along with fun and competitive events. We aim to help people like you create and join teams and play both casually and competitively within CV. Joining us will also allow you the use of our teamspeak server, our forums, the support of our dedicated moderator team along with access to any events we might host. You'll also be able to play with members across various other games including League of Legends, HotS, Smite, H1Z1 and many more.

I'll highlight the very few requirements we do have in CV. These requirements are there only to create the ideal atmosphere within the community, so that all of our members can enjoy themselves.

They include:
--> Minimum age of sixteen
--> Ability to communicate in English
--> Teamspeak 3 and a working mic

Social Media:

I hope to speak to you soon!

Kind Regards

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Looking for Clan

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