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[EU][Looking] 5000+ solo mmr pos 3/5 player LFT Empty
PostSubject: [EU][Looking] 5000+ solo mmr pos 3/5 player LFT 


I'm looking for serious gaming only! No casual please. I have played Dota for 6 years and want to find a team with a similiar skill level as mine. I am very active and speak fluent English/Swedish.

I prefer offlane or hardsupport. I know the game like the back of my hand. I have had the luck to be featured on the front page of live games on Dota 2.


If you are interested in talking with me then feel free to add me on steam! PS: I am not very active here.

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[EU][Looking] 5000+ solo mmr pos 3/5 player LFT

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