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PostSubject: Genesis Ruleset, DotA 2 

— Genesis Ruleset —


The Tournament will be run in 2 stages. The first stage will be pools there are 4 pools of 7 players each and the top 2 go through. The second stage will be the double elimination bracket of 8 players.

Game Rules

2 matches for pool round, best of 3 for the bracket.
No soulring
No bottlecrowing
No neutrals, at all, nothing
Roshan is allowed
Runes are allowed
You may only pick/ban those heroes that are currently in captains mode
The winner is the first to achieve either of these objectives: 3 kills or 2 towers
Game format is Mid Only, radiant side starts the banning first. Referee will decide which player starts radiant via coinflip or if there is a gentleman’s agreement. Players swap sides after each game.
To clarify, pudge suicide and roshan denies doesn´t count as a kill.
Bans and Pick

The first round is always melee only, subsequent rounds do not have this restriction (ie: you can’t pick sniper round 1, but you can round 2+). Templar Assassin and Lone Druid are ranged heroes, Dragon Knight is melee.

- Order of Bans -

Person 1 and Person 2 will choose 3 heroes to make for their own pool, during the ban stage, the other person picks the hero that will be banned.

Example: Person 1 picks Pudge, Person 2 picks Puck, Person 1 picks Queen of Pain, Person 2 picks Viper, Person 1 picks Drow, Person 2 picks Shadow Fiend. Person 2 bans Pudge, Person 1 bans Viper, Person 2 bans Drow. Person 1 bans Shadow Fiend. Therefore Final heroes are Person 1 with Queen of Pain and Person 2 with Puck.

Playing your Matches

You will be assigned the people in your pool you need to play and a time period in which to complete the set. You will need to organise with the other player and a referee to complete the games. In the case that a set is not played I will forfeit one of the players from that match at my discretion.


There is currently a prize pool of $200, 1st place gets 60%, 2nd place 30% and 3rd 10%. Please let me know if you wish to help in this area, also a caster for the finals would be great!
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Genesis Ruleset, DotA 2

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