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PostSubject: EU - forming a clan from scratch 


If you it is the the first time you joining a team and experiencing team game play, please don't try out this clan, please have some experience in playing in teams, even if it is not much (maybe played in teams for 6 months) that is good enough, but not first timers.

Okay so, I know that many will check me on dotabuff and will say "god this guy is a noob since he has 49.50% win rate" well, play pubs for fun and i always play alone, and i deactivated the sharing of information to 3rd websites, because dotabuff is inaccurate, some games are not accounted so I don't trust in that shit

I will introduce myself a little bit, I am 21 years old from the UK, and I am a university student studying finance. So yeah, I have been playing classic dota since around 3 months before the slark release in classic dota, and i retired from classic dota when rubick released in classic dota, then after some months I stated playing dota 2, i started playing dota 2 since the very release of the beta. I've been drafting and team leading for 3 teams already, I have a 1 year experience in leading and 2 years in team game-play, I am still learning and unfortunately I am not perfect, but I am experienced to operate a reasonable strategy, and I am not stubborn, I always consider others people opinions.

So yes, just add me if you are from EU, are punctual on training sessions, have communication devices, have a mouth that speaks, sense of humor (optional, but not in excess), and a reasonable hours of dota 2 played.

I believe if there is no pressure, the clan will not progress. So, in case the individual has poor punctuality and attendance, the individual will be kicked.

I am not targeting to be Na'vi or Alliance or something, but just developing an environment to gain a lot of team gameplay experience and participate on amateur tournaments.  

Sorry if this does not sound like a regular recruitment post. but thank you for your attention, I hope you liked the post and contact me to join the clan, if you don't like it, then good luck on your clan search, and have a great day.

My steam profile is the following:
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EU - forming a clan from scratch

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