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Hay Everyone, Hello  (My Intro) Empty
PostSubject: Hay Everyone, Hello (My Intro) 

Hay All,
I am Just Getting Ready to Go PUB, Have not gone Online Yet (Do not want to be a Liability to Other Teamates!)
Live @ 9000Ft in Colorado
Ride Snowboard 140-170 Days a Year. Including Back Country Riding As well.
New To MMO, Online Gaming, D2P, And all of You!
Would like to go into D2P Lobby @ 11:30 am ( don't have time to Get Allowed in. Do I?
Have not Built Profile Yet...
Gimmie a Shout Out!!
Thank You All.
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Hay Everyone, Hello  (My Intro) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hay Everyone, Hello (My Intro) 

Welcome. Hope you make full use of all the learning resources of D2P, as well as PlayDotA.com (nice starting info).

In my gaming life, I have learnt many things:
-A lot of gamers have had sex with my mother
- I am retarded
- I should kill myself
- I should delete dota
- I am bad
- And many more...

Hope you have fun learning wonderful things about yourself!

Say your prayers,
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Hay Everyone, Hello (My Intro)

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