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PostSubject: SeiMenX coming in ... again 

Finally I sat down and wrote this text.
Hi I am SeiMenX,
if I here the joke 'it sounds like semen' one more time I will kill all of you. This is the reason why you can just call me Simon.
Short background story about my Dota experience:
I started playing doto about 5 years ago. I was this kind of player, who always annoyed everyone. I picked heroes I didnt know, I fed, I ragequitted. 'GG no re. Host disband pls'. I was really bad to be honest. Moreover I haven't played very serious or frequently. I thought there were better funmaps in wc3. Who can forget enfos, angel arena, green td and vampirism?
But lets get back to the story:
The HoN Beta was released. And little Simon started to play HoN. I was still very bad. No lasthitting skills whatsoever. I always admired my brother for his playing skills. He was waaaay better than me, and he was my rolemodel. HoN got into his final stage and you were forced to buy it. I just thought 'fuck it' and stopped playing. My brother continued and got even better.
1-2 years later the Dota Beta got popular. Me and my sibling instantly applied for a key. After some time he got lucky and with his extra keys he invited his mate and me. I was way too afraid to play pubs, so I practised vs bots.
- The practise wasnt successful at all -
But my brother had patience and gave me the role of the support. Atleast he had someone to buy the courier, which wasnt very common in matchmaking back then. Especially when you participated in the low bracket with 10 wins. I improved a lot.
I have been playing dota seriously since lone druid got implemented. Now I have played about 900 games. For more details you can check out my Dota-Buff profile.(
If you read all this: Congratulation you now know my whole life Story.

Do you think I stop here? NO.
I was bitten by the bug and subscribed to every dota 2 channel I could find. Dotacinema, wodota, etc. Finally I came across Dota 2 Portal. They had some decent series back then. The one I remember was 'Did you know?', which is still going on.
At one glory day Nexus and his slaves had the idea to create the Dota 2 School. I immediately joined. At first I was very shy and didnt join any lobbies. 1-2 weeks in I finally grabbed some balls and joined one of the lobbies. I was suprised by the community and the friendly players. This was better than pubs. But lets be honest what is worse than pubs?
I joined the lobbys to improve my michael skills. As I didnt want to stomp the beginner's lobbies and some lobbies had a lack of players, I decided to play chen. When casting got popular Lurker was the best caster. If you read this lurker, you are the coolest guy I ever met in my dota 2 history. Shoutout to him for being awesome and forever being remembered in my heart <3. As I only played chen I soon got the nickname SeiChen. Just dont question it pls.
I had some time issues so the name got lost. Also I am confident enough to go out and play my chen in pubs. I would like to thank dota 2 school, because I was allowed to play in those lobbies back then and got the chance to improve. Still reading? Wow, you should get a life.

Now we are reaching the present. I still participate in FFA lobbys and try to help others in the discussion section of the group. Furthermore I drifted away from being a support. Today I really like to hang out on the offlane and in the jungle. I stay away from being a carry, because I dont like farming 24/7. I am also playing in the mid role but I need to improve a lot. I would like to get some advice for the mid lane. But lets discuss that at another day, another place. Still I am a good support and everytime I play with my brother I get back to this position so he has a decent babysitter.
After all this I dont think there is much left to say. Apropos of nothing I am from germany - not from russia, despite my sick russian skills - 17 years old, pupil/student, master of the bad english. If there are any questions left, feel free to ask.
By the way I put atleast some effort into it and tried to make it a bit entertaining. Also I apologize for grammar and spelling mistakes. After this long text I wanna thank:
-Nexus and his slaves (I hope you guys get paid enough)
-Lurker; once again. You are just a funny guy. But please fix your internet.
-Hopeofhell. Eventhough we dont know each other very well. A harpy fill always find a way to your lane and to your heart. #harpygaming
-Same and Lucifaer for the constant lobbies, where I was able to practise them michael skills
-Mr. Alone, because he cried last time I didnt add him in my list
-And a big thanks to you for taking your precious time to read this.

Also dont take this whole text too serious.
See you in pubs. You will recognize me. I am the bad mannering faggot that stomped you with his carry Crystal Maiden.
>Well played!

EDIT: I added some more to the list. On the school forum the Thank-you list didnt include all of them
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SeiMenX coming in ... again Empty
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You brought a tear to my eye. And I can feel a 2nd one is coming. Thank you for giving us this awesome feedback. I can't express how glad I am to see that D2S has helped you.
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SeiMenX coming in ... again Empty
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Well you made me read long text agein dident you?!

You are a great guy simon, you know what you are doing and its a pleasure to have you in the group.

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It was truly awesome to watch you develop your Chen skills, he's a hero that so few people even think to play but you have such great timing with your ults and meks. You always make greats ganks and harass very well with those bloody harpies! Keep it up!(Just not when i'm playing ;D)<3

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SeiMenX coming in ... again Empty
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SeiMenX coming in ... again

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