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Ahm, hello internet. So not to overwhelm everybody with my narrow english decorated speech, I joined my first dota2 community making it a total of 221 communities. You probably know me from the dota2 school lobbies casting games with mr.alone and trying to support with pudge. That's my virtual role in d2p.

"mandatory to read"
Welcome to my introductory topic, here you will find out all of my personal details to the finest objective surrounding.
Real Life name goes by Kristijan, (Christian,Chris,Kristian,Krko,Kik,Kiki...) Live in one small country in the center of the balkans known as humble macedonia(that's right plain macedonia), in the capital city entitled Skopje.
Got thousand of hobbies but not consistency into carrying them out correctly. So the closest of description would be: Radio Dj able to code and program in some languages, dedicated over formal english communication, topic approach with dominance of philosophy, politics, debating, psychology... and the most controversial job of completing ethical hacking objectives.
My gaming timeline started with cs 1.6 when I was 4 and stopped like last year, subjecting me to a moba type of games(though I still play cs 1.6).  Favorite games for me are Red Alert(Command and Conquer series), AgeOfMythology,ArmyMen,Hl2(mods),Dota2,CounterStrike,Starcraft2[Chronological order].
This indicates that I adore RTS games, so micro control isn't a problem for me in dota2. You are probably wondering why I like being in so many communities. To tell you the truth it comes out in matter of taste and watching dramas over the internet with popcorn. You just can't pass out a good vulgar confrontation of who will make the first mistake. Provides you with a good laugh, decent time spent and plenty of content to spectate.

P.S: My birthday was yesterday, so I hit the 18's adulthood.

The End
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Glad to have you here, no need to officially welcome you since we already were in a few lobbies chatting.
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Prosecutor Lurker, KNOWN AS DJREPLICA

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