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PostSubject: Looking to join a serious team 

I'm a bit ambitious and seeking to meet the right ppl here through this forum.

I started playing Dota 2 in May13 so I'm new to the series; but in the past 3 or so months I managed to record 1069 hours of game play. I'm currently level 82 with 494 wins, 486 losses and 15 abandons (mostly power outs, and a couple of rage quits ;))

My longest winning streak was 11 games, and my longest loosing streak was 7 games.

I am a moderate MID player, but a competent solo offlaner with heroes like beast master and windrunner. I have also pulled a successful 10-0 K/D with Slardar in a solo offlane and with a CK as well.

I can effectively carry with a strength player and by end game could get anything between 150 to 250 LH. My best record is 250+ (don't remember the exact figure). If playing a semi carry (vengeful spirit, mirana, naga siren, veno) I can range between 100 and 175 LH. If going pure support I effectively fend off and harass enemy carry enough to slow down their farm. In pub games though i don't focus on denies that much, but it is something that I can easily do.

I can also effectively play nukers and with a hero like Skywrath Mage i have an 80% win rate (16 - 4).

My best played heroes in descending order by win rate:*
Centaur War-runner 7-0 (100%)** (usually safe lane)
Skywrath Mage 16-4 (80%) (as Mid)
Nyx Assassin 8-2 (80%) (as Mid or offlane)
Lina 7-2 (77%) (as Mid or Safelane)
Warlock 9-3 (75%) (as Mid or offlane)
Silencer 6-2 (75%) (as Mid)
Chen 7-3 (70%) (Jungle/Safe Lane)
Vengeful Spirit  31-14 (68%) (Safe Lane supp or Semi Carry)
Io 6-3 (66%) (Safe Lane)
CK 30-16 (65%) (Safe Lane)
Wind Runner 25-14 (64%) (offlane)
Bloodseeker 9-6 (60%) (Mid or Safelane)
Kunkka, Batrider, Sven, DK, Ogre Magi, Lion min 12 games per hero with 50% win rate each.

* Does not include heroes automatically banned in Captains Mode
**Exception ;)

I have recently started playing with heroes like Beast Master, Alchemist, KOTL, Mirana, DS, Enigma and Furion; but I can perform their respective roles well.

Though I believe Naga Siren and Tide hunter are great heroes my win rate is not that high with both of them. With the former mostly due to unsuccessful team attempts.

As you can see, I do take it seriously and looking forward to join a serious team.

My Steam ID is "The Dead Terrorist", feel free to add if you want to take this ahead.

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PostSubject: Re: Looking to join a serious team 

Hey, played with you just now. My team's actually looking for a carry player and two support players, maybe you'd like to try out sometime? =)

I'd just like to check your location though, we have a preference for players located in Singapore, but for now SEA would be alright.
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Looking to join a serious team

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