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Looking for a strong competitive team EU Empty
PostSubject: Looking for a strong competitive team EU 

Hello Guys.
2 players looking for serious team which aims to play online/lan tournaments,lots of em to end up at qualifiers of the TI4
and pass em/get the invitation from Valve
About us:
We are playing since the first versions of Dota 1,and since the start of closed beta of second one.Played thousands of games we have no problems with communication.We are ready to play practically every time as long as our teammates are playing at good level and desperately wish to follow the goal.We are both 22.Our roles are: First player :Full support/Semi-support/Carry(Depends on your needs. Second player:Solo mid.
What we are looking for:
1)If u r somehow a new player and willing to create a team after watching a TI pls dont contact us at any chances.Will be a waste of time,sorry
2)The rest of the team must have a winrate % above 50,and good results with the role they are willing to take(heroes for it etc)
3)U can be from any country  as long as u can communicate using english at good lvl
Contact info:
Skype :Leshras/Shadowss88 if first somehow doesnt not answer :Steam :Leshras / sesshomaru833.
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Looking for a strong competitive team EU

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