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PostSubject: HS Gamer need Clan! 

Hello !

I'm a 24 year old guy from Denmark.
I have played Dota2 since november 2011, and now i wanna try som serious business.
I have a totalt of 1259 Hours gameplay, and i consider myself high skilled.
I can almost play every role, but prefer carry.
I'm not a veteran of Captain Mode, so my tactics are not high skilled, and therfore seeking a clan that has some patience.

So! If youre a team willing to give a "learning period" of tactics and play some competitive matches, hook me up!
I'm a teamplayer, but more a least a winner, i play to win.(But not that kind that whines to teammates over a couple of losses)

I have Skype and Steam so write to me and i'll give u the information!

Best Regards!
LocoLohan/LL !
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am actualy looking for a decent carry player to my team u can add me at steam: Alzeowexix

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HS Gamer need Clan!

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